Another Guy’s 10 Things to do in Prague

prague tv tower babiesStumbled across this article today.  I agree with maybe 3 out of his choices – the Svickova, Hermalin, and maybe Letna Park.  There’s a small city rivalry based on simple geography that dictates one’s favorite beer garden.  The two largest are Letna and Riegrovy Sady.  I happen to live on the side of the Vltava that has my beloved Riegrovy Sady.

Citing architecture, he mentions Kostel Nejsvetejšího Srdce Páne or Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord in Zizkov.  While it does have a bold and commanding presence within it’s classic older neighborhood, as far a Prague churchs rate, I’ve been a slightly obsessive fan of Church of Our Lady Victorious, home to the renowned Infant Jesus of Prague.  (In fact perhaps I smell an upcoming full blog post dedicated to my non-Catholic fascination here.)

But back to the architecture – practically around the corner from his fav church is the famous Prague TV Tower, a sassy slap and tickle to architectural puritans.  It was built in the early 90’s by a Czech architect and a Czech engineer but was deemed too high-tech and an eyesore in the city’s quaint and beautiful skyline.  Then another Czech, artist David Cerny put some eerie creepy baby sculptures all over it and made it much better.

But then everyone’s entitled to their opinion:

Ten alternative things to do in Prague – StumbleUpon.