The 1 Thing All Expats Have in Common

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Oh my lovely creative community of expat bloggers!  One could certainly get lost in the ether of disembodied fellow iron man handwriters (which is the main reason I don’t play video games – I prefer the multi-layered experiences of the 3-D world. In fact I have a smart friend who occasionally buys a new game then falls into a 40 hour hole of gaming trance.  Once after such a binge he tried to impress me with a power shield beam from his palm which I had to remind him did not work, at least in the local pub.  And this man is in his 40’s).

So people feed their creativity in different fashions.  I do appreciate the dexterity and eye-hand coordination of a gaming connoisseur.  Some may scoff at my near weekly karaoke addiction, girl singingcontracted by the sheer joy I feel when singing.  I think it’s vitally important to express one’s creativity in whatever form lies within one’s comfort zone.  I personally think everyone can sing.  It doesn’t matter if you can carry a tune, but sing like no one’s listening or dance like no one’s watching.

It’s sad when people forget about their creativity, like the childhood favorite plushie toy stuffed and ignored in the back of the closet.  I read a quote the other day that said children laugh laughing horsearound 400 times per day while adults only about 15 times per day.  Life is good if I have one good laugh per day that brings tears to my eyes.  Why is it so wrong to indulge in childish glee?

What led me to this pollyanna-esque ramble is the following blog I found from a fellow who liked my last post.  (Yes, I follow who likes me and I like you too!)  When I finish here, I’m going to drop a comment on his site and let him know I re-blogged him.  (It feels neighborly, like borrowing a cup of sugar.)

Craig Thompson of Clearing Customs writes and cites (with an impressive bibliography) regarding a myriad of expat topics with an anthropological slant, humor, and heart.  What first caught my eye was the following article regarding living abroad to boost your creativity.  A small lightbulb went off in my head, and I realized that the center – the heart – of my expat community (and I’ll daresay any group of expats) is the creativity that sprung from our initial bounce, the decision to leave our native countries, and grew with the flexibility we learn when adapting to new cultures.  It’s a trait that can only be developed by not just thinking but jumping out of the box.

Read on and feel empowered with creativity: Live and Learn Abroad to Boost Creativity