The Best Places to Fall in Love in the UK…

Liz and Dick

I sort of feel like I may be perceived as Brit bashing in some previous posts.  Or not.  I’m just sensitive that way.  So I ran across this little piece today and wanted to share and give Brits, and all of UK for that matter, some love.

I’ve not yet been to the UK, though it’ll likely be my next destination on short holiday.  My dear friend T lives there, and I have an open invitation.

So I can’t give any critical comment on any of the places mentioned in this article.  They all look lovely.  They also look like places one could go for a sandwich, an afternoon of paintball, or yoga retreat perhaps.  I’m not sure how they made it into a Best of category for falling in love.  Maybe they’re just the best places to take photos of and write small blurbs about.  It’s the copy that reads like an advert on Lifetime, Television for Women.  I have a friend who had sex in the local park bushes one night, and I’m betting she could write an enticing romantic description of it as well.  Something along the lines of:

couple in the woods

“Stumbling your way up the footpath to RG park, you’ll come across a cozy opening in the bushes.  A perfect romantic hideaway for two, where you may even be surprised by a complimentary packet of fresh tissues.  Brush yourself off, because after your stay there’s a nearby beer garden where you can lovingly toast the taste out of your mouth with copious amounts of beer.”

It’s all in how you frost the cake I guess.

The Best Places to Fall in Love in the UK.