Water, Weed & Wanderlust – Welcome to Amsterdam

amsterdam red light

I wandered across this blog today.  I haven’t yet been to Amsterdam.  It’s nice to know that there are G-rated sites and adventures to be had there as well. I had some American friends who lived there a few years ago.  They told me the city supposedly has a College of Prostitution – wouldn’t my mother be so proud!  Wouldn’t that look impressive on one’s CV?  While I couldn’t find any information on such an educational institution, I did discover that there is the helpful sounding Prostitution Information Center (PIC).

While the weed cafe culture of Amsterdam has been a popular part of college student and trustafarian lore, Czech Republic and Prague in particular are unfortunately nearly next in line with relaxed drug laws.  It was suggested to me by a helpful friend that I could write a future post mapping out traveler-friendly smoking bars of Prague.  But I think I’d rather point tourists to the more obvious Amsterdam destination.  The idea of inviting hoards of international potheads to the city bores me.  Some things are better left as insider secrets.  Let me know if you’re interested.  I’ll see what I can find out. IN the mean time, you can always check out the Thought of the Day over at HappyAcademy.me

Meanwhile peruse the following article that has such simple, brief, and pleasant directives that I simply cannot snark.

Water, Weed & Wanderlust – Welcome to Amsterdam! – Off-The-Path.