Helpful Tips on Travel to the Worst Places

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It makes sense that in the community of expat travelers there are the different tiers, castes, levels of experience as with any sociological grouping of like-minded people.  I’ve mentioned before the various reasons one becomes an expat – job relocation, following a partner or spouse, sense of adventure.  So it seems logical that some more seasoned journeyers would look upon traveling as an extreme sport.

Thus the following article linked below piqued my interest with information on obtaining visas for 10 of the “toughest Disney castlecountries” to enter.  I came to Europe with a sense of adventure.  I think that’s the most common link among expats.  We like to experience new cultures, see new sights (how often does an American appreciate a castle outside Disneyland?), taste new cuisine.  For holidays my expat friends will opt for a warmer beach clime, or a skiing destination for those so inclined, or an exotic cultural sensation.  So I can’t quite get the purposeful choice of obtaining a recreational visa to potentially hazardous  places such as  Iraq, Iran, Sudan, or North Korea.

I’ve discovered that my European friends have a different perspective of world travel than my fellow Americans.  As I’ve decried before, Americans overall tend to have blinders on detaineesregarding the rest of the world.  Europe is so more closely linked to multiculturalism, mostly due to geography.  The article refers to bragging rights or at the least some rich cocktail chat one could drop should one obtain the visa to visit one of these 10 deleterious spots.  However as an American, some of these places just seem downright dangerous and foolhardy.  Why not learn to walk over hot coals instead?  In just the past year there have been incidents of Americans detained in North Korea, Americans detained, arrested and sentenced in Iran.  With the tenuous political relations most of these places have especially with America, it seems like a dicey decision.  I can picture American ambassadors throwing their arms up when asked to assist a detained or otherwise obstructed vacationing US citizen – “what the hell were you thinking?”

Oddly, the author of the article linked below is an American, albeit a seasoned world traveler now based in Brazil.  I don’t know if it’s to test one’s diplomatic abilities and cultural tightrope walking to attempt to gain admittance to a place such as Libya, which is listed as the number one most difficult country to enter.  Yay.  Good for you.  You made it into Sudan and now you want help getting out?

At any rate, I’m sure any of these places have their lovely side – the cuisine, the ancient indigenous culture, some truly spicy foodlovely natives.  However, as with X-rated movies, 4-alarm chili dishes, or extreme sports courses, it’s not for everyone.  Advance at your own risk.  And read the following article which does provide useful step-by-step information should you actually endeavor a visit to one of these 10 countries.  Oh and I didn’t really mean they’re “the worst places.”  But by my measure I’d definitely label them the worst vacation choices.  To each their own.  Bon voyage!

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