The Secret Every Expat Needs to Know

i have a secret

I started this blog a few years ago in support of a tentative I-Phone app that never took off. It inspired me to write about my experiences living in Europe – Prague to be exact – for the first time. I thought my experiences and stories could be of benefit to fellow expats.  Due to life circumstances, I didn’t write for a while after the app fell through  – until I had a life-changing experience. Hence, the turn this blog has taken which now focuses more on the calling, naming, and developing of the Positivity Posse. I’ve hesitated to write lately due to this new trend in the blog that proposed to be an expat advice communication.

What_MemeWell, now I feel I have the best expat advice that could be given:  What if I could tell you how to never be stressed on an appointment to the foreign police to get your visa paperwork?  What if you never had to worry about finding your most fulfilling job, a perfect and affordable flat, and perhaps even not have to worry about your finances?

I have the secret of The Secret. I’ve mentioned this book / film before as an inspiration for my Positivity Posse. I’ve read a lot from the contributing authors and also supporters of The Secret. As this manifesting concept grows, so does the number of people publishing their success stories and offshoots or embellishments on the concept of manifestation.

The initial idea is manifesting one’s reality with positive visualization of whatever one wishes to have in their life. But it bothers me when the teacher will use an example of desiring the best model of car, or million dollar making job, or lush holiday home. In the big picture of life, what do those things really mean or how do they matter? What is the purpose of suchi'm the best material gain?

I’ve mentioned before that life is Love or Fear. When you follow the path of Love, all the things that could possibly make you happy are on that path. It sounds unrealistically achievable, but that’s because it’s how we’ve been wired. People are waking up to realize that media, government, education and generations of well-meaning parental rearing have been diligent to make sure we don’t remember how powerful we actually are.

What has really super-irked me lately is the growing group of teachers / lecturers / authors / inspirational coaches / or whatever charismatic title give-me-moneythey chose / who suck me in with a lovely pitch such as “The Secret Every Expat Needs to Know” only to follow with a long sales enticement including success stories and veiled promises ending, after a 5 minute read, with the $700 (or some such amount always discounted in some way for responding early or some other sales ploy) fee to get the details via downloadable seminar or e-book.

If we’re all on this planet together to enhance our collective experience here, why does the exchange of money have to be involved? I find it to be a litmus test whenever one of these ‘teachers’ asks for money for their advice, If it’s coming from the heart, there simply cannot be a monetary price attached.  It’s age-old indigenous knowledge we all have, but have forgotten.

That’s why I will tell you what I know to work and how we all can make it work individually, and more importantly collectively – for free.

The Positivity Posse has proven our collective influence in that my arrest and subsequent decree to leave the EU within 30 days for 1 year has finally – after 6 months – been overturned! Six months ago I was shocked and devastated. But I also – heart poweragainst seemingly insurmountable odds at the time – instinctively Knew that I would defy that decision. I felt it in my heart, with all my heart. And I asked my friends, my community, to feel it with me.

That is the essence of The Secret. Yes, you can meditate and picture in your mind what it is you want to manifest in your life. You can make a picture board and tell all your friends this is what you believe will happen. However the true essence, the ultimate driving force, is your heart. I have come to believe that the mind is powerful, but it is the heart that guides our lives. The meditation on what you want and the mind believing it is only the first part of creating your ultimate reality. What most people lack is the emotion behind it.

What I put to the Positivity Posse was: “I stay in Prague.” No negative attached such as “I don’t leave Prague.” And whenever (at least daily) I would think this, I would take 5 deep breaths and recall a truly ecstatic feeling – such as a childhood Christmas morning or standing in a beautiful nature setting – and apply that emotion to my visualization. Sometimes it even helps to remember a particular song that makes you really happy as well. The most important thing is to invoke a really happy feeling that warms you from the center of your chest in the moment. Sometimes my heart starts to flutter like I’ve had too much caffeine.

This emotional involvement is the ‘secret’ catalyst.  I wonder how many people invoke this element when praying, regardless confessionof their chosen religion?  And I wonder if applied to their daily prayers, how many people would experience a huge jump in prayers fulfilled?  It seems like so many religious prayers are chanted by rote with the expectation that the discipline of repetition will give them respite at the least (thinking of the classic situation of a Catholic priest telling the confessor to say 3 Hail Marys and 5 Our Fathers).

I feel that we are each in charge of and responsible for every event in our lives.  But I also believe that as group, we can achieve so much more!  Hence the Positivity Posse.  The overturning of the police decree for me to leave the country is irrefutable proof that it works!  If enough like-minded people think the same thing, we Can change the status quo.


I encourage feedback.  Please leave a comment if this resonates in any way.  The world is changing.  Be a part of it.