About Minerva

I am an American woman who moved to Prague four years ago. I did not come here specifically to teach English, I did not follow a job relocation, and I did not know anyone when I arrived. After a period of spinning my wheels in the US, after I closed my PR business and subsequent ventures proved more or less fruitless, I made the decision to relocate and live for the first time outside the States as a grand adventure.

I suppose I have always been bohemian by nature, so it seems natural that I now live in Bohemia. Actually I did know one person when I arrived, D, who used to be my neighbor and who moved to Prague a few years before me. It was on his suggestion that I landed here, though he is now married and involved with his family in a quaint country village.

I’ve always been that person who seems to have just what you need in my purse, bag, or head. And if I don’t have or know it, I probably know someone who does. I get joy from providing simple tourist directions in the street (though I have to resist the urge to say “you can’t get there from here”). I intend to share my views on expat life intermixed with experiences and adventures of those around me.

I usually have a fairly optimistic view on life, and I appreciate the absurd. I believe it’s good to have at least one good laugh per day. I’ve only changed flats once in four years but have changed jobs five times. And changes will continue as this year draws to an end. But for now I intend to stay in Prague. It’s a fascinating, beautiful, magical place with an ever-changing population of international expats and intriguing locals. I look forward to your feedback, comments, and questions.