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Food Glorious Food! And Non-Glorious Aspects of Adapting a New Cuisine


An exciting part of discovering one’s new country is learning about the indigenous cuisine.  Each country has its speciality dishes: Italian pizza, French raclette, Spanish tapas.  At first it’s even a challenge to… Continue reading

Surviving the Foreign Police – How to Emerge Feeling Like a Champ not a Criminal


Yes this title sounds dire and dramatic. In my first few months here I’d heard enough horror stories from experienced expats to fill me with unwanted trepidation. I always try to approach any… Continue reading

The 5 Stages of Culture Shock and How to Ride the Waves


Culture shock is going to be a pretty common factor among expats. Of course it will vary due to experiences and circumstances for each person. It’s the basis for acclimating in a new… Continue reading