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Why NFL Football Will Never Be Popular in Europe


Autumn is nearly here, and it is my favorite season.  Not just because of the crisp smell in the air, the unpacking of forgotten snuggly sweaters, nor that it’s my birthday season and… Continue reading

Ten Things Every Expat Needs – According to a Brit


I was going to write a totally different post today.  There’s a topic that’s timely and just at the tip of my tongue (or fingers I suppose).  But I ran across this post… Continue reading

The A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s of Teaching Preschool in a New Country


Yes, I am behind a full week of posting.  Truthfully, I was blindsided by the underrated power of energy-sucking preschoolers.  Granted I haven’t worked outside my flat for over a year, and I did… Continue reading